Fairy Tale

A cheaper Tough Price

When growing up I liked listening to oral stories and I would ask question about them. One of the stories I can easily remember is of a very rich King who had only bore one child, a beautiful daughter that men from all over the world seek to get her hand in marriage. The king had a lot of resources and he never asked of materials when men approached him to marry his daughter. He only asked them a simple task to make a string out of the smoke of the cigarette. Men from various places came in the kingdom, some were prince, heroes, rich and noblemen. When they set their eyes on the princess, they were easily attracted by her charming beauty and ready to spend everything they had to marry her. However, when they approached the king to negotiate about marrying his daughter. The king would accept to give them his daughter for marriage only if they were to make a string out of the smoke of the cigarette. Many young men had tried, some did everything they could do in their possibility to make a string out of the smoke the exhaled from the cigarette and they all failed. It seemed impossible but the king couldn’t change his mind. People proposed him materials and lands, however, he was not interested in all their proposals and he turned it down. Young men were discouraged many of them withdrew and raised a concern to whether the king had even wanted her daughter to get married.

Moreover, one day a man from nearby the kingdom came on board and he wanted to marry the princess. He was not a rich person; he was simply a farmer located outside the kingdom. People approached and tried to discourage him to stop wasting his time in seeking to marry the princess for the price the king demanded no one has ever paid it. But he persisted in wanting to meet the king and ask to marry his daughter. As usual the king met the young man, and he got to hear his intention. He accepted his proposal as usual and asked him to attain the famous condition of making a string out of the smoke of the cigarette. The young man accepted the challenge, he was given a cigarette and he hold it in his hand. He looked at the king and said “your majesty, for me to make you a string you will have to smoke the cigarette and catch with your bare hand a chunk of smoke that you will exhale. If you give it to me, I will make you a string out of it”. This was the only approach that got the king’s attention after decades of seeing young men failings to impress him in solving the problem. The king stood up and called the young man, and said: “you have approached the impossible problem with an impossible solution, you’re the right man for my daughter”. Thereafter, the young man got married to the princess and made the whole kingdom astonished.

This story always remind me that they is always a way to deal with the problem we may perceive to be impossible.